It wasn`t the best way of close a brilliant season. At least it wasn`t the way he deservered. The break of the crankshaft in the second lap of the Grand Prix ¨Comunidad Valenciana¨, last round of the year, left Sebastián Porto with a feeling of bitterness, however the feeling of happiness and satisfaction of the argentinian is bigger because of this fantastic season, that open his expectatives to fight for the championship in 2003.

No doubt Porto has became in one of the bigs protagonists of the 250cc World Championship. This season he won his first race in the Continental Circus, in Brazil, also he finished in the podium in other four races (Germany, Czech Republic, Portugal and Australia). He put his Yamaha in the firsts positions, in spite of the supremacy of tha Aprilias, and he finished fifth the championship with 172 points in his best year in the World Championship.

Porto arrived to Valencia tied with ¨Toni¨ Elías (Aprilia) in the fourth place of the championship. On saturday his aspirations of fight for the victory and win the fourth place to the spanish were very strong with the third position in the qualify, behind the Aprilias of the italian Marco Melandri and the french Randy de Puniet. ¨Toni¨ qualified eighth.

There were all the conditions for the driver of the Sprinta Petronas team to get his second victory in the 250cc. However during the second lap the crankshaft of his Yamaha stoped the illusions of ¨Sebas¨ in the track of Valencia. This was only the third time (Montmelo and Donnington, when he was leading) in this season that Porto couldn`t finish the competition over sixteen races.

¨This is how is the chassis of the Yamaha, we won a lots of points during the season, but the crankshaft made us to loose at least one race like the Grand Prix in England and the chance of be in the podium today (for sunday). This weekend we broke four crankshaft, is the weakness of the engine. In other races it broke too during the weekend, but no in the competition¨ said Porto.

¨There was in my planes to make a good race, I wanted to be in the podium and even win the competition. I`m really disappointed because of finished the year like this. However this was a great season for me. Now we have to work thinking in next year¨ completed the driver borned in Rafaela, Santa Fé.

The objective for the next season is to fight the championship in 250cc., although it woudn`t be wrong be in the Moto GP, says Porto. ¨In a few days it will be a definition about my future. I would like to stay in 250cc. and fight the championship. Aprilia and Honda are some posibilities. Is very important to define the situation quickly, so we can start to test as fast us possible¨, recognised Sebastián, who will be in Buenos Aires this weekend with his friend Occhionero, driver of Turismo Carretera, in the fourteenth race of the season.

The competition of 250cc. was won by the champion Marco Melandri, who took his nineth victory of the year- 17º of his carreer-. This is the fourteenth victory for Aprilia in sixteen races, a new record for them.