Sebastián Porto, who signed a contract with the factory Honda team of the former Spanish driver Alberto Puig is waiting to participate in the category tests of February in Jerez, Spain and Estoril, Portugal.

The 2003 season of the 250cc Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix (MOTOGP) will start in the circuit of Suzuka in Japan on April 6th. and all the teams will be part of the officials IRTA tests. The activity will start on February 21,22 and 23 in the Spanish circuit of Jerez, and will continue in Estoril, Portugal on February 26 and 27.

While he waits in his natal Rafaela , Sebastián spend his vacations with his family and friends, but also working a lot in his physical training to arrive to the first competition in the best level.

`I speak a lot with Alberto Puig, who tell me about how the team is working. Two mechanics of the team traveled to HRC in Japan to study how is the new bike Honda 250 RSW. Last Friday they came back to Génova, Italy where are the headquarters of Alberto`s team and they started working to know everything about the new chassis and the new engine`, said Sebastián.

`We agreed with Alberto that it wasn`t important spend time testing only the new chassis with the last season engine, like did Roberto Rolfo (the other factory Honda driver, but with a different team) because we think it`s better to put all the energy to develop de new bike: chassis and engine. So we agreed to test when we have the new package, but I can`t wait to be in Jerez and feel the factory Honda of HRC. The team send the bike to Modena, Italy where they are working in the equipment of the telemetry, a very important tool for the driver and his team. I heard that the telemetry expert of the Alberto Puig`s team is one of the best of the World Championship, so I feel very confident and supported by the team. I`ve seen how this team worked with Dani Pedrosa, the driver of the Alberto Puig team in the 125cc who fought the championship during 2002`, completed Porto.

In March, Alberto Puig wants to make at least three private tests which is very possible they will do it with the other teams who receive material from HRC such in Moto GP as in 250cc. The circuits would be Valencia and Jerez.

`Last year because of the lack of possibilities to continue in the World Championship, I almost came back to Argentina to race in Turismo Carretera. Fortunately the Petronas team with Yamaha appeared and I showed what I can do driving a bike. For this 2003 all has changed. I`m in the team of a former driver, who is very respected in the Continental Circus after all he did driving a bike and then in his own team. I`m not going to waste this opportunity that life gives me`, finished the Argentinian rider

Before his debut in the World Championship, Porto won the European Championship in the category 250cc. in the 1996 season. In 1999 he won the IRTA trophy for privates drivers. In 2002 with the Petronas Yamaha team, Sebastián finished fifth the 250cc Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix (MOTOGP) after five podiums; Sachsenring, Brno, Estoril, Phillip Island, and the Grand Prix of Brazil which was his first victory in the series.