Race day - Twin Ring Motegi, 15th of October, 2000

It was a frustrating day for the Repsol YPF Honda team. Tadayuki Okada started the race brilliantly, launching himself into second, with Alex Crivilli and Sete Gibernau close behind. But none of them managed to hold their early pace. Crivilli ended up with the team's best result in 6th, while Okada finished 10th and Gibernau 12th.

ALEX CRIVILLI - 6th - 46'45.564 World Championship Position: 'th - 122 Pts

"My biggest problem was a lack of acceleration. I wasn't 100% comfortable on the bike so we really have to work to improve it. We're now already thinking about next year of course and that has to be our goal now. Today, every time I got back on the gas to try and keep up with the riders that were in front of me, I'd end up losing a few metres to them. I pushed really hard at the start of the race to be with the front guys. I did my best but today, it was impossible to stay with the leaders".

@TADY OKADA - 10th - 46'55.835 World Championship Position: 12th - 100 Pts

"I had a good start but that's it. After that, things started going downhill. During the early laps, say the first two or three laps, the tyres were working fine. But after that, the rear tyre lost a lot of grip. Going into the turns, the rear was braking away without me even touching the brakes. It was almost like a rain tyre. But it wasn't a tyre problem. It's a machine problem. I don't know about Alex but from what I saw of Sete, it looked like he had the same problem".

SETE GIBERNAU - 12th - 47'01.087 World Championship Position: 14th - 72 Pts

"I had a good start but after about four laps, I already knew it would be impossible for me to hold the leader's pace. We weren't able to find the perfect set-up for the bike this week-end and that's why we had to settle for an average position. This year, the bike has always seemed to be so fickle I did my best despite these problems and I'm obviously far from happy with this result. Now I will simply have to try my hardest in Australia".

<pre> Race results - Twin Ring Motegi - 500cc 1 K. Roberts Telefsnica MoviStar Suzuki Suzuki 46'23.327 2 V. Rossi Nastro Azzurro Honda Honda 46'2'.502 3 M. Biaggi Marlboro Yamaha Team Yamaha 46'2'.687 4 C. Checa Marlboro Yamaha Team Yamaha 46'43.054 5 N. Abe Antena 3 Yamaha-d'Antmn Yamaha 46'45.321 6 A. Crivilli Repsol YPF Honda Team Honda 46'45.564 7 A. Barros Emerson Honda Pons Honda 46'47.2'0 8 L. Capirossi Emerson Honda Pons Honda 46'4'.378 ' N. Aoki Telefsnica MoviStar Suzuki Suzuki 46'4'.715 10 T. Okada Repsol YPF Honda Team Honda 46'55.835 11 R. Laconi Red Bull Yamaha WCM Yamaha 46'5'.405 12 S. Gibernau Repsol YPF Honda Team Honda 47'01.087 13 T. Harada Blu Aprilia Team Aprilia 47'01.341 14 J. McWilliams Blu Aprilia Team Aprilia 47'18.'84 15 J. vd. Goorbergh Rizla Honda TSR-Honda 47'2'.''1 16 T. Kayoh Tecmas Honda Elf Honda 47'51.881 17 D. Tomas Sabre Sport Honda 46'40.'64 18 Y. Konishi FCC TSR TSR-Honda 47'17.'10

Not classified G. McCoy Red Bull Yamaha WCM Yamaha 32'16.632

Pole: Max Biaggi 1'4'.'54 Fastest lap: Valentino Rossi 1'50.5'1 Circuit Record Lap: ''' Mick Doohan 2'02.889


World Championship Standings after Motegi Pos. Rider Points JAP 1 K. Roberts 249 25 2 V. Rossi 193 20 3 Checa 155 13 4 G. McCoy 150 - 5 A. Barros 150 9 6 M. Biaggi 145 16 7 N. Abe 137 11 8 L. Capirossi 134 8 ' A. Crivilli 122 10 10 N. Aoki 110 7 11 R. Laconi 101 5 12 T. Okada 100 6 13 J. vd. Goorbergh 81 1 14 S. Gibernau 72 4 15 J. McWilliams 68 2 16 T. Harada 36 3 17 D. de Gea 23 - 18 JL. Cardoso 19 - 1' Y. Konishi 15 - 20 S. Legrelle 7 - 21 A. Ryo 6 - 22 S. Gimbert 5 - 23 S. Norval 4 - 24 J. McGuinness 3 - 25 D. Tomas 3 -