Round 10 - Grand Prix of Germany (Sachsenring)


After competing in the two consecutive North European races, the MotoGP bikers stop one week to prepare themselves for the tenth world championship appointment where they will be the real protagonists of the Germany race before flying to the US. Alex Barros, not completely satisfied after the result got in the Holland GP, is ready to redeem himself in Sachsenring, where, having already won the 2000 appointment and obtained the second place on podium in 2004, he has all the means to dispute a good competition. I t will be a particularly exciting race for the team-mate Alex Hofmann who will compete in his "home race," determined to achieve an important result with his Desmosedici.

As usual the race week-end will start on Friday 13th with free practise ending on Sunday 15th with the race that will take place at 2:00 p.m.

Alex Barros (69 points - 8th place in the championship): "I'm ready for the next race in Germany and considering my disappointment for the result I got in Assen, I will give my best to get a place in the top-five. The Sachsenring track is one of the circuits I like and where usually I'm fast, actually I won the 2000 appointment and I achieved the podium in 2004; our forecasts are positive, but, as we know, every race is unforeseeable: sometimes you are sure to get an important result and you obtain nothing, sometimes you think that it is impossible for you to be good and you reach your aim! I'm confident, I have a good feeling with the whole package bike-tires and my team is working very well! I hope to do a good race and to achieve the result I want."

Alex Hofmann (53 points - 11th place in the championship): "The next race for me is the most important championship appointment; I'm German and riding in Germany gives me always strong emotions. For me is very important to be good on this track, so I will give my best to achieve an important result. In the last race in Assen we started well, but during the competition the cramps to the right arm did not allow me to ride as I would have liked. After this break week I hope to be at 100% to arrive in Sachsenring in good conditions and to reach my aim. There will be a lot of fans and friends to support me; I hope to be able to thank them with a good result. "

Luis d'Antin - Team Manager: "With the next race, the championship starts its half season part. Until today for us this championship has been a pretty good one; at the beginning we have been quite unlucky, but afterwa rds we obtained the podium in Mugello and some important results. We are not completely satisfied, we want to do better and I'm sure that from now to the end of the championship we will improve, the German race could be the occasion to show it. The Ducati-Bridgestone package is very competitive and the whole Team works constantly for getting good results."


The circuit was built in 1996 and in 1998 here took place the first race. With its numerous and narrow corners, is one of the most slowly circuits in MotoGP championship, being however not less competitive or demanding.

Opened: 1996
Modified: 2003
Length: 3671m
Width: 10m
LongestStraight: 780m
Right turns:4
Left turns: 10
Pole position: left side

-credit: pd'a