Rolfo improves feel for machine without finding all solutions to his problems

Sepang -- Malaysia October 11, 2003. Roberto Rolfo slightly improved the performance of his Fortuna Honda overnight but problems still remain. Rolfo is still experiencing problems running into the corners but he is confident that in the morning warm up for the Malaysian Grand Prix he has the solutions to the problems.

In spite of the difficulties he ran into today Rolfo was just 1/1000th of a second outside his qualifying time of yesterday. He is hopeful of finding solutions in order to keep alive his championship aspirations, he will fight to the end. But at this moment he is not worried about the situation, even if he has to start the race from the third row of the grid.

"We have improved from yesterday but we still have work ahead of us. I hope that during the morning warm up tomorrow we will be able to find the necessary solutions to our problem and ride comfortably on this circuit." Explained Rolfo.

"The particular problem we are suffering is with the front end, it's costing me a real effort to get the bike to run into the corners and hold my line. We have improved a little in that respect from Friday but I still do not feel confident enough on the bike to ride at my maximum on my race lines." Confirmed the Altadis rider.

"The circumstances are going to make the race very hard for us. At the time we start the race tomorrow the winner is going to be the heat out on the track, its not good We have to recognise that Elias' qualifying time is very good. But I think sincerely that if we can take a step forward in the warm up tomorrow I can fight with the leading group." Rolfo asserted.