Rolfo has a lot of work to do

With one day of practice remaining for the 250cc French Grand Prix Fortuna Honda rider Roberto Rolfo still has a lot of work to do if he is to get up to race pace. Rolfo is struggling to find a set up for the bike, and is unhappy with his provisional ninth place on the grid. Italian Rolfo has handling problems with the RS250RW Fortuna Honda around this circuit. The team technicians are working hard to resolve the problems because in general the bike is not working the way Rolfo needs it to for a fast lap at this track.

Despite working intensively on the set up to give Rolfo the technicians are still trying to prepare the same machine he was riding while fighting for the race win at the Spanish Grand Prix.

Roberto Rolfo: "Sincerely I recognise we still have to work on some points on the bike because at the moment for some reasons I don't feel confident. Maybe the fundamental reason for this is I can't put the bike where I want it to go in the slow corners. I just don't feel comfortable on the Fortuna Honda today."

"The Le Mans circuit is very demanding, particularly on the points I'm having problems with. The Fortuna Honda is a little critical on the front end but we think we know the direction we have to follow, and we still have one day of practice left to us. The capacity of the team to work on this makes me optimistic for me to be at the front in the race. The engine is good but we have to find a little more acceleration off the slow corners." Said the Altadis rider.