Roberto Rolfo more satisfied with the development of his Fortuna Honda

Phillip Island -- Australia, October 18, 2003. Roberto Rolfo finished final qualifying for the Australian 250cc Grand Prix more satisfied with the progress on the development of his Fortuna Honda. The rider is now far more comfortable on the machine than he was in Friday's opening session. That being the case the Altadis rider explained that there is still some work to be done in the pre-race warm up on Sunday morning to find a little more acceleration off the corners.

Rolfo is certain that the problems he had yesterday in getting his Fortuna Honda into the corners have almost been eliminated and the chassis is performing as he needs it to on this circuit. With that problem under control the team can now turn their attention to fine tuning engine performance.

"I finished that qualifying session much happier, I feel much more comfortable on the machine, it didn't cost me as much effort to ride the bike I way I want to. With the most important problem now fixed it will allow me to work on other aspects. The second step I have to take is on engine performance." Explained the Fortuna Honda rider.

"I think we have found the correct chassis and suspension set up for this track and I have improved my lap times. Now we have to try and get a little better throttle response to have better acceleration on the exit from the corners, and without losing my line." Manifested Rolfo.

"In general, if we find a small improvement in acceleration, and I get a good start we can fight with the leading group around this circuit. With two races to go in the series that will be very important and allow me to fight with the parties interested in the championship." Commented the Altadis rider.