There is no question who the leader of motorcycle road racing is: clearly it's Valentino Rossi. Rossi's future challenger for this crown is Spanish sensation and 125cc and 250cc World Champion, Dani Pedrosa. A few years ago, Rossi moved from his town in Italy to London to escape the Italian press and this year Pedrosa is doing the same.

The young Spaniard is hoping to learn more English as this is becoming an ever more important requirement in his profession and some much needed relaxation.

"Basically I came here to spend winter, to learn English and try to get rest, relax my mind and have a nice time. I've met some people and well, it's a bit cold here, but I like this city and also it's nice to change sometimes country. It's quite different, it's cold and the people are very different to Spain over here, and normally at the beginning it's difficult to get used to all these things, but now I'm coming more used to it I take always the bus and the Tube to move around London, so it's nice" said the Pedrosa.

As for meeting Rossi, Pedrosa commented "I didn't talk to Valentino yet but I hope one day I can phone him and meet here around this square and have a nice time for a while."