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Chronological LEMANS photos:

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lemans-2001-gen-rs-0333 lemans-2001-gen-rs-0334
Stefan Johansson, the leader of the Gulf Johansson Motorsports Audi team The Bentley Boys at the parade: Andy Wallace, Eric Van De Poele and  Butch Leitzinger
Trouble for the DB HBR4 at the Le Mans Legend race The MG boys: Kevin McGarrity, Mark Blundell, Julian Bailey
Le Mans Legend: Ferrari GT Berlinetta Le Mans Legend: Frazer Nash LM Replica
Le Mans Legend: DB HBR4 Le Mans Legend: Ferrari GT Berlinetta
Le Mans Legend: MGA and Jaguar C Type Le Mans Legend: Sunbeam Alpine
The winner of Le Mans Legend: David Piper with his Ferrari 250LM Le Mans Legend: Frazer Nash Le Mans Coupe and Frazer Nash LM Replica
Le Mans Legend: Iso A3C Bizzarrini Ron Fellows, Johnny O'Connell, Scott Pruett
Cadillac's Collard, Goosens, Bernard Czech marching girls
Jan Magnussen, David Brabham The Bentley Boys
MG's Mark Bundell Jag Fans
Hawaiian Tropic girls Brundle, Ortelli, Smith
Coronel, Johannson, Lemarie Vintage Jaguar XKE
Sir Stirling Moss Osca MT4