Tracy had a nearly trouble-free stint with just one minor spin. He handed over to Jorg for the first double stint of the night. The air temperature was still hot so he was on harder tyres but a softer compound for his second stint improved lap times as dusk fell and the track temperature started to cool. A problem which turned out to be a broken shock absorber shortened his session before handing over to Nic. After the prolonged pit stop for repairs Nic rejoined in sixth and also did two stints but this time the tyres did two stints as well. At the end of his time in the car he was holding sixth place and handed the car back to Tracy.

Tracy Krohn: "That was an amazing first experience. I had a spin at Tetre Rouge when the car was getting a bit loose. Other than that it was great. I have to say the first few laps gave me goosebumps -- it's so beautiful out there. This is absolutely the real deal!"

Jorg Bergmeister: "I was still on hard tyres for the first stint and sliding round quite a bit. The second stint I went onto medium tyres and the times improved by over a second. After eight or nine laps the right front felt strange especially when I was changing direction. I stayed out to see what would happened but it got worse so I pitted a couple of laps early to find that it was a broken shock absorber."

Nic Jonsson: "I felt much more comfortable -- even in the dark. We double stinted the tyres and were running in the '11 and 12s' while the leaders are putting in times of 4:13 and 4:14. Hopefully we'll make up some ground but there's a long way to go."