Harold Primat and Marcel Fassler, two of the three Swiss drivers who will compete in the forthcoming Le Mans 24 Hours for the newly formed Swiss Spirit racing team, will head to Crans Montana on Monday 22nd May for an intense 5-day physical training camp with famous motor racing physical trainer and ex-Royal Marine officer, Bernie Shrosbree.

Shrosbree, who has worked in the past with megastars from both Formula 1 and World Rally such as Jenson Button, Mark Webber and Colin McRae to name but a few, will put the drivers through their paces as a vital part of their preparation for Le Mans - arguably the toughest endurance motor race in the world.

"To perform at their absolute maximum over 24 hours, the drivers will have to be in peak physical and mental condition," says Shrosbree, "I will be putting them through a similar training camp to those I have done before with Grand Prix and World Rally drivers, but we will tweak this one to be more specialist for Le Mans. We will of course be predominantly doing physical preparation - hiking, jogging, swimming, mountain biking and so on -- but we'll also focus on their mental stamina as well, as maintaining concentration over 24 hours will not be easy. The whole programme will combine all the necessary physical and mental exercises with the right nutrition, fluid intake, sleep and rest patterns."

Despite the proposed intensity of the camp, Swiss driver, Harold Primat, says he is looking forward to the camp: "The good thing about Bernie is that he helps you to enjoy your fitness. He pushes you hard and so long as you give it absolutely everything, there's always time to sit back and have fun afterwards. I think it'll give us a huge boost going into Le Mans."

Primat's team mate, Marcel Fassler agrees: "Mental and physical preparation is everything these days in top level motor racing -- especially so in an LMP1 car at Le Mans. The forces placed on our bodies are not too dissimilar to Formula 1 drivers, so you can imagine that when you have to do that over 24 hours with very little rest, those who come prepared are going to have a huge advantage. We're very lucky to have Bernie and I'd like to think of him as our secret weapon!"