Sports car pilot Stefan Mucke is looking forward to the fourth attendance at the 24 hours of Le Mans - "A breathtaking race" - Goal is to become best petrol car

Berlin/Le Mans (rol/ot) The first big appearance is behind him, the direct countdown for the next one started this Wednesday (9th of June): German Sports car pilot Stefan Mucke is enthusiastic about the whole atmosphere at his fourth start at the 24 hours at Le Mans that is scheduled for coming Saturday (starting time 3:00 pm) and Sunday (12th/13th of June) for the 78th time. "The goose flesh feeling already showed up at the technical acceptance procedure in the heart of the city being surrounded by tens of thousands of fans - even at my fourth attendance", tells the Berlin, that is sharing cockpits of the closed LMP1-Sports-car-prototype Lola Aston Martin (car number 007) with his works driver colleagues Adrian Fernandez (Mexico) and Harold Primat (Switzerland). Together with these two he has been on position two already this season at the Le Mans Series (LMS) at the 8 hour race of Le Castellet (11th of April) as well as third position earlier at the 12 hour race of Sebring/USA (21st of March) at the American Le Mans Series (ALMS).

Stefan Mucke, the only Berlin since the first time three years ago at Le Mans on the biggest, most famous and hardest car racing event of the world, wants to defy the big competition of the favoured Diesel cars from Audi and Peugeot again this time. "The Diesel combatants are clearly predominant, but they also have to reach the finish line after 24 hours", tells the 28 year old. "That is our prior as well. We could drive the whole distance without any problems last year. We are driving the same car like in 2009, which got little improvements. That is why I am very optimistic about reaching a good result".

Last year Stefan Mucke celebrated his so far biggest success at the 13.6 km long track at north western France. He has been on a sensational position four being the best German driver between the peloton of 55 cars. He was best-placed Benzine car on track and besides that he was driving the fastest racing lap of all Benzine cars (3:29,360 minutes) - the third year in a row. The Berlin already caused furor in 2007 being the best Rookie on LMP1 position five (altogether ranking 8th) and in 2008 being altogether on position 9 after a great catch up race.

"Sure, we want to be the fastest Benzine car again this time at this breathtaking race", tells Stefan Mucke. Ahead the beginning of this long hunt there's a lot of work waiting for him and his team Aston Martin Racing. On Wednesday and Thursday (9th /10th of June) there will be the free training and three qualifying sessions. On Friday evening (11th of June) there's the legendary Motorsports show including the driver's parade throughout the city - that will gather a big bunch of the about 250.000 race visitors together already. Between them for the first time the young family of Stefan Mucke. Long time companion Annette and his about two years old daughter Lucie keep their finger's crossed on location at Le Mans (capital city of the Departement Sarthe) for the Berlin. He hit the road to France together with them last Saturday (5th of June) in the team bus of Mucke Motorsport, where he is a consultant of the racing team of his father Peter Mucke.