Audi UK to run two cars at Le Mans

Audi UK is now expected to enter two cars in addition to the two Audi Team Joest entries. Wallace, Weaver and McCarthy have been signed so far, with three drives left.

Roock to run Porsche

Roock Racing are to run Porsche 911s in the FIA GT series. Despite entering the Daytona 24 hours, the team wants to concentrate its efforts on beating the Chrysler Vipers in the FIA series.

Empire Trophy for FIA GT

The Empire Trophy will be for the FIA GT round at Silverstone in May. It will be a 1000km event.

Bscher confirms DPR

Thomas Bscher has announced that he is to join up with David Price Racing to enter a modified 98 spec BMW LM V12 in the IPC, Le Mans and Sebring. Steve Soper is expected to co-drive at Sebring.

Lehto to BMW

JJ Lehto's place in the BMW Le Mans line up will be cofirmed next week. He is due to start testing the LMR V12 in Florida soon.

BMW say board changes won't affect F1

BMW have said that the recent changes in the board room at BMW won't affect the company's decision to run in F1. A spokesperson said that the decision to enter F1 was taken by the full board. It was also stated that "there are no plans to change BMW's motorsport engagement". This also seems to indicate that the ALMS attack and the Le Mans assault are still safe.

BMW confirms ALMS entry

A spokesperson for BMW has said that providing testing goes to plan, BMW will be entering the first round of the ALMS - the Sebring 12 hours. They are also considering a full entry into the series with the Schnitzer team.

-- Stephen M Baines