The first ever GT2 podium finish for a Ferrari at Le Mans is an achievement that is just beginning to sink in for the Scuderia Ecosse team. Before we move on to our next event we want to take time to thank everyone who helped us achieve our third place at Le Mans last weekend.

Our thanks go to our fantastic driving team: Andrew Kirkaldy, Chris Niarchos and Tim Mullen We would also like to thank our sponsors whose logos can be seen below. Without them we couldn't do any of this.

Last, but absolutely not the least, we would like to thank the entire Scuderia Ecosse team. The Scuderia Ecosse team are: Stewart Roden, Carol Roden, Paul Beveridge, Pablo Cangini, Joseph Charlot, Ryan McGarva, Lindsay Morle, Vince Moutrille, Elia Plebani, Walter Plebani, Lynn Rankin, Stuart Robertson, Justin Shaw , Rab Smith and Malcolm Swetnam.