The 6-th day of tests in Le Mans

On the 3d of November Roman Rusinov and team Courage continued testing C65 SP which Russian pilot plans to drive in 1000 Km race this weekend.

4 days prior to the race weekend Le Mans comes to life. The huge autosport complex is filled by mechanics who hurry up to the boxes, briskly arguing engineers, very concentrated racers and unique low rumble of engines. Spectators while are not present, teams carry out the tests closed from extraneous sights, but they don't forget to look for contenders.

Courage tested 2 new sets of Michelin tiers, developed specially for use in a cold weather conditions, and the next updating of the engine. According to Roman, new tiers and the advanced engine have allowed to improve the result for 1 second.

Roman Rusinov:
"Last week there was 24 Hours truck race, so the line is still dusty, and we haven't even think of any super result. However, nobody here pursues records. The most important thing - to check up reliability, to be sure in good opportunities of technics, in coordination of team work.

"There's already no free place in the paddock, all the main teams have arrived. Everyone prepares for forthcoming weekend. Thursday and Friday here will be silent, on Saturday -- free tests and qualification, and on Sunday -- The Race".