A...American Le Mans Series. Our racing home from home. for Brilliant Brazilian - our own Mr Melo. Obrigado Jaime.

C...Corse Clienti. Without the support of Ferrari, we wouldn't be where we are today.

D...determination, dedication, and demonstrable delivery - Risi Competizione has all these qualities.

E...stands for engineers and engineering. The brain trust, strategists, the forward thinkers.

F...Ferrari, of course, and Flying Finn. Ladies and gentlemen, the one and only Mika Salo.

G...great Germans - Pierre Kaffer and our estimable racing adversaries, Porsche.

H...Houston. Risi's home and headquarters. for individuals, all the fantastic people who make this team what it is.

J...for June - the annual pilgrimage to France for the world's biggest sportscar race. for Krohn. Tracy W Krohn and his colleagues at Krohn Racing plus Nic Jonsson and Eric van de Poele, Risi's loyal racing partners.

L...Le Mans. Risi were 2008 GT2 winners of the jewel in the crown of international sportscar racing.

M...Maranello, Modena, Michelotto, Michelin, machines, motors, magic. Take your pick.

N...nine is the number of times that Ferrari has won overall at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

O...optimum preparation necessary to succeed in endurance racing.

P...pressure. You can either embrace it or be swallowed up by it. Risi thrives on it. for qualifying. Something Jaime Melo is very good at! for Risi, Giuseppe Risi, the team's founder and Principal.  The name
represents all  that is good and true in American sports car racing. for Sims, the team's illustrious Team Manager - David Sims for Team. No one person is responsible for success (or failure) - it's a team effort.

U...unremitting. The week at Le Mans can sometimes feel unremitting!

V...Vingt-Quatre Heures du Mans. The reason we all go sports car racing.

W...Winning. Especially at major endurance events! for X-factor. No one element makes a successful team. It's the car, the drivers, the engine, the tires, the team, and that X- factor...usually provided by Lady Luck.

Y...youth, combined with experience and expertise; Risi's got the perfect mix within the team.

Z...Zzzzzz. Sleep; what everyone at Le Mans desperately craves and doesn't get much of.

-credit: risi