Peugeots No 2 leads at the halfway point

Halfway through the race, the Peugeot 908 HDi FAP No 2 of Nicolas Minassian, Franck Montagny and Stephane Sarrazin occupies first place. Despite an excursion in the gravel trap, car No 1 (Davidson/Gene/Wurz) continues to close on the leaders at 2h33 moves up to fourth place. The Peugeot Oreca has been delayed by the replacement to part of the transmission.

Conditions : Clear sky, dry at 03h00, 12 degrees.

Pit stops and changes:
908 HDi FAP No.1: Anthony Davidson (GBR) Marc Gene (ESP) Alexander Wurz (AUT) 00h03: refuelling (56"); 00h53: refuelling and tyres (1'30); 01h37: refuelling and check (1"04);

908 HDi FAP No.2: Nicolas Minassian (FRA) Franck Montagny (FRA) Stephane Sarrazin (FRA) 00h35: refuelling and tyres (1'25); Stephane Sarrazin in the car; 1h22: refuelling and tyres; 2h08: refuelling and tyres (1"23); 2h50: refuelling (57'')

The Race: Marc Gene continues his charge and once again posts the fastest race lap at 00h01 with a time of 3'19''644, quicker than the pole setting lap of 3'19''644 put in by Sebastien Bourdais on Wednesday. After a short outing for the Safety Car, the Peugeot No 2, driven by Stephane Sarrazin from 00h35, continues to manage its lead. Anthony Davidson takes over the No 1 from 00h53, and despite an excursion it the gravel traps at 1h27 maintains a rhythm designed to put them in contention for the podium and moves up to fourth place. The Peugeot 908 of Team Oreca is stopped at the stand while part of the right rear transmission is replaced

Quotes: Olivier Quesnel (Peugeot Sport Director): "This is proving to be a hard race, but at the moment things are going well, since with a Peugeot in the lead. With car No 1 we are back on track, after a short circuit which forced us to change the management unit, the starter motor and the alternator. Marc has gone faster than pole, is moving up, and we are hoping to see the car on the podium. We have asked the drivers to tone it down and be careful, but careful is a relative term at night at Le Mans, it isn't simple!"

Franck Montagny (No 2) "We have switched to a softer tyre as the temperatures are dropping when you have to slow for the safety car the grip goes quickly. For the moment we are taking it easy, you can see the lap times are slow. We will push again if we start to get caught."

-source: peugeot