Le Mans, June 15, 2000, at 07.00 - The number 6 Chrysler Mopar is still running with drivers Didier Theys, Didier Andre and Jeffrey van Hooydonk continuing through the night despite four lengthy pit stops.

The car has had a water pump and a fuel pump changed on Saturday evening, and needed a gearbox change at 2am, which the team completed in just 10 minutes. At 6am the car made its fourth long pitstop.

"The alternator was broken," said Theys. "The team decided to change the gearbox and the brakes while we were here just to help us to reach the end of the race. It was a precautionary measure, we did not need to change the gearbox but we just want to be sure we cover everything we can.

"We are lacking in straight line speed and we are missing some downforce in an effort to make the car faster so it is a little difficult. We raised the ride-height after the warm-up because we were touching the ground on full tanks, so when we push it is very easy to spin the wheels."

Lou Patane, Vice President DaimlerChrysler, President Mopar Motorsport Operations and Mopar Performance Parts, commented: "The car is still running and we are still learning. Our goal is to keep the car going until the end of the race. The gearbox and oil temperatures are all within limits so, as long as it does not get any hotter than at the start of the race yesterday, we think it will last.

"We have learned more over the past 15 hours than we could have done during any test session. To test under race conditions is invaluable, and this is one of the toughest races in the world. We tried something new during qualifying with longer trumpets. It worked on the dynometer but not on the track. It was the right time to take that gamble but it didn't work."