Rush of pure speed is unmatched!

American GT driver Bryce Miller is competing at the Le Mans 24 Hours for the first time this year. He'll pilot an Aston Martin Vantage for JMW Motorsport with teammates Tim Sugden and Rob Bell. For his first time competing at the world's greatest race, he is giving readers an account on the sights, sounds and excitement that come only with Le Mans.

It was a spectacular feeling to drive Le Mans today. I have never driven a race car and upshifted into fifth and sixth gear so many times in one lap. I enjoyed it so much that when my co-drivers, Rob Bell and Tim Sudgen, poked their heads in during the stop to ask how it was going, I just went speechless and then resorted to childish fist pumps.

We were held back in the garage by a couple of issues today, but I met my 10-lap day and three-lap night requirement, and the setup was improved again before Rob's qualifying.

Unfortunately, a P2 car checked Rob up in the Ford chicane on his fast lap, but none of us are overly concerned with the grid position anyway because it is a 24-hour race.

The closing speeds by the P1 cars are significant - you must constantly check your mirrors and the circuit is very dark at night like Spa, but you must know where all the spotlights are so you don't confuse them with prototypes.

Tomorrow is a prep day for the car. We will run again tomorrow night. Amen for Le Mans.

-source: miller