Michelin triple their stints !

A radiant sun rose to greet the 36 survivors of the 75th 24 Hours of Le Mans this morning. The early dawn was full of suspence and brought about changes in all four categories. Most notably was the retirement of race leader Audi #2 after he lost his left rear tyre at 7h35.

Matthieu Bonardel Michelin 4 Wheel Competition Director
"As we had expected, all the teams switched to soft tyres around 2h00 this morning except for a few late runners. We've received a lot of praise over our tyres performance from all four categories. The Porsche are going really fast, the LMP2s as well, and the LMP1s, Audis for example, have broken all of the current lap records during their third stint. The drivers are having a lot of pleasure driving at night under these conditions.

We were hit by the lowest temperatures and humidity around 6h00 this morning, and for the moment our soft tyres has really done their job. With the return of the sun, the temperatures are will now start to go up and we are going to start using our mediums.

We need to monitor the sky as the weather forecast predicts rain showers. We are ready to use our rain tyres toward the end of the race. These changes in weather add to the suspense but unfortunately could also ruin an entire evening work.

One of our objectives for the 24 Hours of Le Mans was to attempt double stints with the GTs and triple stints with the Protos. These objectives were obtained in all of the categories and well beyond our initial expectations. Obviously our partners are delighted with our performances"

Nicolas Minassian Peugeot Michelin
"The Michelin tyres are holding up really well, it's quite impressive! We are managing to pull off great lap times in the 3'31s on tyres that have already run three stints. This is absolutely fantastic! The car is perfect and very well balanced. Let's keep our fingers crossed ...!

-credit: michelin