2003 "Le Mans" Test Day -- 4 May 2003

Taking place on Sunday 4th May, 2003 on the full circuit, the "24 Heures" test day deserve this year more than ever the training term. Indeed, for this anniversary edition - the "24 Heures" race was created in 1923- it will be given way to novelties.

First of all, the event will enjoy the appearance of new cars in each category: Bentley in LM GTP, Reynard Cosworth and Lister in LMP 900, Courage C65, WR and DBH in LMP 675, Pagani Zonda in GTS and TVR in the GT category.

Regarding drivers, for the first time, a new qualification system compels, on one hand, the competitors to designate two drivers out of three who will be part of the definitive team at the test day, and on the other hand, any driver making his first appearance at Le Mans to take part in this practice day, under the eye of the organisers.

Even though this practice session is a working session above all (the timing has no value for qualification), each driver will have to show his abilities on the track.

As regards the organisation, on Sunday 4th May, 2003, a press conference will give us the opportunity to disclose new developments of the endurance "Made in A.C.O.".

Finally, it must be repeated that this practice session is compulsory for all the competitors, including the reserve cars. The scrutineering will take place on Friday 2nd and on Saturday 3rd May; the practices on Sunday 4th May from 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. and then from 2.00 p.m. to 6 p.m.

56 prototypes and GTs will be together on the track. The admission is free for the spectators in possession of a "24 Heures" entrance ticket as well as for children under 12.