ZHUHAI, China (November 7, 2010) - JaguarRSR is disappointed to have to withdraw the #81 JaguarRSR XKR GT2 from the 1000km of Zhuhai prematurely.

JaguarRSR Principal Partner Paul Gentilozzi made the following statement on this concern, "This is a particularly frustrating withdrawal from the race because the #81 JaguarRSR XKR GT2 has been its most competitive all season. We had moved up at the start into fourth place following the Le Mans winning Porsche and keeping pace with the leaders, running competitive, consistent lap times. We had been conservative on our test mileage this weekend because of our concern over certain mechanical components that seemed to have a shorter life cycle than what we need to have for an endurance event like this. We met with the ACO this weekend and they have committed to allowing us to modify the components that have let us down so as to assure our ability to compete in endurance events in the future."

Marc Goossens was the starting driver and had this to say, "The #81 JaguarRSR XKR GT2 was good. It definitely was the best car we had all year. I was able to follow other cars and fight them in the beginning of the race. Once the tires came up I was able to stick with the Porsche ahead of me; actually I think I was a little bit faster, but there was no point in rushing things and trying to overtake people at the start of a six hour race. So I thought I would just sit behind him and try to run a consistent race. Up until our failure, everything was running real smooth, the car was actually a lot better than what we had in practice. So the changes that we made engineering-wise to get the car better was perfect. I think we would have been in for a pretty solid race."

-source: RSRJaguar