The winner of the third edition of the THP Spider Cup, 27-year old Frenchman Gregory Guilvert, is scheduled to drive the Peugeot 908 HDi FAP on Wednesday, October 28.

Following in the footsteps of previous THP Spider Cup winners Dino Lunardi (France) and Simon Moulton (Great Britain), Gregory Guilvert will get to sit behind the wheel of a Peugeot 908 at a test session in the south of France as the reward for his victory in the 2009 series.

This run will take place at Le Castellet's HTTT facilities on Wednesday, October 28, which is 10 days ahead of the final round of the series at Le Mans Bugatti (November 7).

With a score of 11 wins from 12 races to his name, Gregory Guilvert, who hails from the Greater Paris region, has dominated his opponents in no uncertain terms this year, wrapping up the title well before the end. His past record includes four Le Mans Karting 24 Hours wins, and a season as works Peugeot driver in the 2005 French Super Touring Car Championship which saw him secure a win with the 406 Silhouette at Albi. That result led to him being taken on board by Pescarolo Sport for a race at the end of the year in the 407 Silhouette generally reserved for Soheil Ayari and Eric Helary.

His run at Le Castellet in the 908 HDi FAP will slot into a test session organised there along with the other Peugeot drivers as the team prepares for 2010. Before the trip to the south of France, he was given a chance to familiarise himself with the car and team at Peugeot Sport's Velizy headquarters, near Paris, yesterday (Tuesday, October 20).

Gregory GUILVERT: "It's taking time for everything to sink in! What with the phone-call from Serge Saulnier, and yesterday's visit to the factory, it's all happening so quickly. Peugeot Sport engineer Christophe Besse helped me settle in the car to find the ideal driving position, and the best settings for my seat and the pedals, etc. He then talked me through the different functions. I was very impressed as I climbed inside the cockpit which seemed very narrow. It felt as though I couldn't see a thing to begin with, but my field of vision soon widened. I feel very intimidated and I don't really know what to expect next week. I am worried about not being up to the job, but at the same time I can't wait to get started!"

-credit: peugeot