The 24 Hours of Le Mans test day being held on Sunday 4th June is rapidly approaching. After several weeks of intensive work G-Force is heading for La Sarthe on Wednesday. It will then be up to Jean-François Leroch and Ed Morris to churn out the obligatory laps in order to take the start of this legendary 24 Hours race.

After the incident at Spa, now some two weeks ago, Frank Hahn's team left nothing to chance in bringing the Courage back up into optimal shape. The Courage C-65 Judd was rebuilt on a new chassis and was given a shake-down on Friday on an airfield. The main objective of this shake-down was of course to test everything out prior to making the trip to Le Mans. "And everything ran very smoothly there", Frank Hahn told us with a feeling of relief. "Quite obviously the car has had very little driving time, seeing the climatic conditions were not unduly favourable, but everything is functioning properly. The next item on the agenda at Le Mans is to get both our drivers to complete their 10 laps as quickly as possible. Personally I feel that this qualifying is in the bag, and on Sunday everything will really revolve around Jean-François and Ed."

Jeroen Liebens is the man who has been running the technical work these last few weeks. Jeroen is the team's chief mechanic and over these last few weeks has been experiencing some pretty sleepless nights. "That's for sure, but I was happy to do it. For us Friday was a crucial day. The car had already been running in our workshop at Alken, but after such a crash an additional test drive is definitely a must. We then really and truly rechecked everything; the gearbox, the wiring, hoses and cables etc. All that needs doing now is to fit the gearbox ratios for Le Mans and then the car will be fully ready for the big test on Sunday. We are leaving on Wednesday and as from that moment the build-up to the 24 Hours of Le Mans really takes off. The entire team is fully flared up to record a really strong performance."

After the test day on Sunday 4th June the race week begins on Monday 12th June with the scrutineering.