G-Force Racing: Le Mans - the race

"It's impossible to sum up everything that happened this week in just one press release," opens Frank Hahn. "Everything started on Wednesday evening during the first qualifying sessions. The difficult weather conditions didn't make it easy and as everybody knows an accident ruined our chances and destroyed the Courage. But what is more important to remember is the way G-Force fought back. The team showed an incredible strength throughout Thursday and Friday and we managed to get the car back on the track. Even if some had their doubts, our Courage was ready on Saturday for a renewed technical scruteneering."

It was Val Hillebrand sitting behind the wheel of the G-Force car for the Saturday early warm-up. "We checked everything as the accident still caused some minor problems. But the warm-up session went relatively well and at 16.00 we were there, standing on the grid of the most beautiful and mythical race of the world. Getting there was our victory," tells Val Hillebrand the young gun from Antwerp.

"Throughout the opening stages of the race, we managed to climb up the ranks as high as 17th overall and 4th in class. This proves what we are capable of. G-Force deserved a place on the Le Mans entry-list," continues Frank Hahn. "But as the race went by, the car showed all kind of problems due to the accident earlier this week. At each occasion out technicians tried to get the car back on the track but at 10.00 this morning we decided to retire. Mathematically, it became impossible to get within the 130% rule so continuing made no sense anymore."

"I really want to thank the boys for everything they did this week. Some of my guys did not sleep for 48 hours or even longer. We will certainly continue." ends an emotional Fran Hahn.