The first qualifying has not been an easy one for Creation who covered 11 laps only during the first two `very disturbed' hours of the session. The team's unexpected electronic problems coupled with a red flag (due to the crash of the n53 "LM" GT1 Lamborghini) and followed by a sudden shower prevented the drivers from following the scheduled program.

Due to the car troubles, Felipe ORTIZ only covered three laps while Shinji Nakano completed three timed laps. "During my few laps the track was half dry half wet but the car was really ok with the wet tyres" he reported.

The last half an hour of the session went more smoothly for the team. Jamie Campbell-Walter eventually set the 10th fastest time overall in the last ten minutes.

Mike Jankowski, Team owner, commented: "We have had software and hardware problems in the car. The dash would go on and off and the lights did not really work. Everything was new and quite surprising. Then we moved back to what we ran for the test in terms of the electrical system".

Jamie Campbell-Walter: "After adjusting for the electrical problem we were able to run nearly trouble free and made some progress in terms of the balance of the car. Hopefully the problem will be entirely fixed for the second qualifying session and hopefully it will be dry because we can definitely go faster"

-credit: creation