Le Mans, June 18, 2000, at 11.00 - Chrysler currently holds the upper hand in the battle between two of America's largest motor manufacturers with just four hours to go to the chequered flag at Le Mans. The Chrysler Mopar of Didier Theys, Jeffrey van Hooydonk and Didier André leads both of the works Cadillacs on the Chrysler Mopar's race debut.

The Chrysler Mopar Le Mans Prototype has proved to be largely reliable with the ORECA team taking a cautious approach and changing any potentially weak parts before they presented a problem. The cautious approach has allowed the team not only to test for its longest ever period, but also to gain prestige against its arch-rival manufacturer.

Pierre Dieudonné, Sporting Director of ORECA, said: "We have said that the goal of this project is to be running at the end of 24 hours. We have not had any problems sofar other than the failed alternator since last night and are happy with this test session with the new car. Even if the car stopped now, we would still have learned a great deal in preparation for next year."

John Caldwell, whose company was involved in the development of the Mopar 6-litre V8 engine, commented: "This has been a valuable exercise. If nothing else, this race has highlighted some points of the engine that we need to look at to further adapt this engine for endurance racing."

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