Le Mans, France, Audi Sport Team Joest spent the day Friday preparing the three R8's to go the 24 Hour of Le Mans distance and organize their race strategy.

"I will not issue any team orders," said Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich, head of Audi Sport. "I am convinced that our drivers are professional and reasonable so we need not be concerned. They know that the aim is success for Audi."

"We have worked hard to prepare the best possible car for Le Mans. The car is very close to the limit in all areas, which makes it very fast and easy to drive," said Michele Alboreto. "But it is a very long race and you must concentrate on finishing the race first."

"Le Mans is always a special challenge, but my team has already won it four times. The Audi R8 is beautiful, fast and reliable, it would be nice to deliver a victory to Audi this year," said Reinhold Joest, Team Director, Audi Sport Team Joest.

"The preparation of the team throughout the year has led us to this point," said Len Hunt, head of Audi Sport North America. "This is an excellent showcase for the type of technology and team work that Audi is capable of producing. The pride of the team's performance is permeating throughout the world to all of those working at Audi and of course our customers who drive Audi's."