The Alex Job Racing sponsored by BAM! Porsche team had an extremely successful 2nd practice qualifying session in which they captured the GT2 Class pole position with a 405.326 lap time set by Porsche Factory driver Mike Rockenfeller. The pole winning lap time was more then 1 second quicker than the second car in class.

Driver's Thoughts:

Mike Rockenfeller:  It's great to be on pole in Le Mans, it's my first time
on pole at Le Mans.  It's great for the team; everyone put a lot of effort
into this.  My thanks to Yokohama, they brought a good tire.  Leo and Marc
and I all did good lap times.  The car feels really good for the race which
is even more important because it's very long.  I think it's just good for
the team.  It gives us a lot of motivation.  It's good for the mechanics,
they work really hard.  So we are all looking forward to the race.

Leo Hindery: Qualifying and race prep are a lot different than the race itself and there are only two words to describe what happened last evening and that's friendship and partnership. Getting on the top here at Le Mans 48 hours before the race starts is a real tribute to the team, to Yokohama, to Porsche and to the way the drivers and the team work together. We've come here now four years in a row and those two words mean everything to us- partnership and friendship. Watching the team have that degree of success last night, watching Mike Rockenfeller and Marc Lieb run lap after lap at personal bests was just a tribute and a compliment to everybody. We're excited about the race but nobody will be able to take away the excitement and the honor of last evening.

Team Perspective:

Alex Job, Team Manager: The Alex Job Racing sponsored by BAM! team had a great day yesterday. We really didn't expect to have pole here. We really expected the #90 Petersen car to be on pole but they went out and crashed when they went for their qualifying run. We also thought there would be a strong challenge from the French Porsche with Romain Dumas in it but that didn't materialize and the last one was the Panoz, we thought maybe the #77 car would make a run too but that didn't either. So we wound up on pole and that's great. It's a great way to start this race. Today is an important day of preparing for the long race. It's a long race and anything can happen. The Petersen team will get their car fixed; it wasn't so bad, which is good so we'll have a good strong race. We have the pole today and we'll go for a win tomorrow.

Tim Munday, Crew Chief and Engineer: Thursday's qualifying and practice run went extremely well for the AJR sponsored by BAM! Team. We spent most of the session working on a decent set-up for the race, which we found, and a good consistency for the tires. Mike Rockenfeller went out on a soft compound and did a mock qualifying run, not really even a full on qualifying run, and it culminated a pole position for the team. So we're very happy with the way things have gone and we're really looking forward to the race.