Daytona Updates For Manufacturer's Cup And National Road Race Series Competitors

12.17.2008 -- WKA announces several changes for competitors in the Man Cup and Road Race Series at Daytona. First in the Manufacturer's Cup, the interest in Kid Karts continues to grow, and we already have a large number of pre-entries in the class. According to Race Director Kevin Williams, he plans to have a separate meeting for kid kart drivers and has volunteered to take the kids around the track for the first time out. He also plans to give them track at the end of each practice rotation on practice day. On race days they will run after practice, after qualifying and either after consolation races or Pre-finals. The kids will be broken into two groups if there are more than 20 entries (and there are already more pre-entries than that.

With this many entries several parents have asked about increasing the level of post race inspection. Since this is a demonstration class and all kids are "winners," this leaves the race officials with the challenge of identifying whom to inspect. The current plan is for the race officials to identify the fastest karts on the track and have them stop at post race inspection. The procedure will be covered in more detail at the Kid Kart drivers meeting.

HPV -- As previously announced the senior HPV class will be running the HPV-4 pipe. After due consideration, the Manufacturer's Cup Committee has set a minimum pipe length specification of 10" as measured from the piston fact to the end of the connector pipe. This will still provide a significant performance gain over the old HPV-3 pipe but will help control engine RPM and this increase engine life and reliability.

TAG and TAG Masters -- In an effort to maintain parity in the TAG and new TAG Masters classes, the 2-cycle Technical Committee has reviewed several options, and beginning at Daytona, the Parilla Leopard will have a minimum pipe length of 16". This will be measured from the rite side of the header flange along the header and connector pipe to the outer end of the first divergent cone. As with the HPV flex rule, this will also have the benefit of reducing the maximum engine RPM and increasing engine life and reliability.

Tire Prep -- The Manufacturer's Cup Committee and race officials remind our competitors that chemical tire prep of any kind is strictly prohibited. All means necessary will be used to control this practice. Violators may be disqualified, placed on probation, or suspended at the race officials' discretion.

In the National Road Race Series we want to remind the sprint enduro competitors that the new rear bumper rule will go into effect at Daytona. The rule requiring 5/16" Wheel Bolts passed at the June 28 Trustee meeting was omitted from the 2009 Technical Manual. As a result, this rule will not go into effect until the second NRRS race of the season.

Briggs Animal Head -- To alleviate a problem with head gasket leakage and potential warping, Briggs Animal competitors are being allowed to use the Briggs head bold sink adapter Part Number 555690.

-credit: wka