Buffalo, New York, - Paul Fix III takes his first class go kart championship at 6 years old. Paul started racing this year in a Mike Wilson 4 Kart with a Honda 5.5 engine. He started the year with the right attitude and worked his way through the classes and finished the last seven races in first place.

Paul III's crew includes his father, Paul Fix II, who currently races in Trans Am and FIA sports car racing; his mother Lauren, who races in the Historic Racing series and is an automotive expert for national TV; and his sister Shelby, who will start karting herself next year.

Paul III intends on go karting until he can sports car race. At 6 years old, he has the right winning attitude. He never gives up. After practicing every Saturday and Sunday his parents aren't racing themselves, Paul now understands that practice makes perfect - or at least puts you in the front of the pack.

Paul runs at Batavia International Motorsports Park and will venture to other tracks in the next season. For 2001, Paul and his sister Shelby will be sponsored by Classic Tube and Driving Ambitions Performance Driving School.