Jax Race Changes Format

With Endurance Karting revisiting the 103rd Street Sports Complex, December 6, 7 & 8 -- just three weeks after our last visit and a 6-Hour race, Johan Schwartz decided to offer a little variety and alter the format just a little.

Friday's Race School is planned to go off as usual, however, we will be adding an advanced class for those who have already attended the usual basic program, both running in conjunction with each other.

Sunday's Grassroots Motorsports Kids Race Camp hasn't changed with the usual combination of activities shared by adult and child together. It is a great way to learn something about your child that you didn't know until you began learning a mutual interest with them! And then you get to team up to drive a pair of races together at the end of the day! An amazing experience, for sure.

Saturday's race is a perfect time to try Endurance Karting on for size with the race length changed from 6 hours long to 3 hours. Teams already registered for the 6-hour race length will be assigned a pair of karts in which to compete to maintain the seat time they would have received at the longer distance. They may then divvy up into two separate teams or take on the world and alternate drivers as a two-kart team.

If you were on one of the teams contesting the wet November 16th event, if the new race runs in dry weather, this will be a whole different ball game. (Nudge, nudge. If it is wet again, you have a big advantage on the teams that will be attacking the course for the first time and expecting dry conditions.) Those of you who will be taking on the thrilling, banked little road course for the first time will be using all of the skills you possess. And if you have raced the course in a standard racing kart, I promise you'll find the challenge of Endurance Karting to be surprising and more substantial than you ever dreamed.

Either way, it is going to be a blast. Come on out and give it a try.