Management team is driven by a strong team that share a common passion: motor racing. Our leadership and vision has made a top online and mobile platform for racing content. For any question or to reach out to us, please contact:

Eric Gilbert
Vice president, operations

Charles Bradley
Editor in chief

Alex Rothbert
Chief financial officer

Lou Giocondo
Vice president, sales

Scott Sebastian
Vice president, public relations and marketing

Oleg Safronov
Chief technology officer

Manuel Maté
Marketing manager

Editorial managers

Steven Cole Smith
News manager

Covy Moore
Content manager

Nick DeGroot
News and community manager

Rainier Ehrhardt
Photo manager

Pavel Surdin
Video manager

Richard Sloop
Credential manager

News editors and writers

Adam Cooper
F1 reporter

Joao Correa
News editor

Christopher DeHarde
IndyCar, Endurance and Touring editor and writer

Stirling Fairman
Karting and special contributions

Gordon Hatch
MOTOGP editor and writer

Joe Jennings
NASCAR, IndyCar and Endurance editor and writer

Lee Spencer
NASCAR editor and writer

Stella-Maria Thomas
F3, British F3 and openwheel editor and writer

Kate Walker
F1 reporter


Rainier Ehrhardt

Carol Fogle

James Holland

Covy Moore

Emily Rogers

Richard Sloop

Lynne Waite

David Yowe

Contributing writers

Jo Borras

Darshan Chokhani

Katie Copple

Bernie D'Amato

Rod Evans

Ryan Hyatt

Pat Jennings

Sean Kingsbury

Michael Finley

Gordon Kirby

Nick Livers

Piotrek Magdiziarz

Laurent Mercier

Phillip Pegler

Robb Pritchard

Anne Proffit

Aaron Rook

Joseph Shelton

Carl Taylor

Amanda Vincent

Joseph Wolkin

Contributing photographers

Greg Aleck

Jay Alley

Trevor Andrusko

Pierre Barrau

Luis Betancourt

Cyrille Boulmay

Philippe Champoux

Andy Chan

Pat Cranham

Dave Dyer

Chris Fabbri

Art Fleischmann

Brad Fox

Steve Gaysinskiy

Lucien Harmegnies

Philippe Hubert

Michael C. Johnson

Pein Lee

Adriano Manocchia

Kenneth May

Rebecca McKay

Alessio Morgese

Greg Nichols

Satoshi Noma

Oliver Petalver

Darren Pierson

Anthony Rew

Hisao Sakakibara

Eric Schwarzkopf 

Julie Sueur

Daniel James Smith

Alexander Trienitz

Hazrin Yeob Men Shah

Partner agencies

Action Sports Photography

  • Walter Arce
  • Stephen Arce
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  • Justin Noe
  • Alison MacLeod

XPB Images

  • Russell Batchelor
  • Laurent Charniaux
  • James Moy
  • Jamey Price
  • Photo4