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Race winner Conor Daly, second place Stefan Wilson, third place Esteban Guerrieri Race winner Conor Daly with his mother and father
Race winner Conor Daly
Race winner Conor Daly
Race winner Conor Daly Rusty Mitchell
Mikael Grenier Stefan Wilson
Esteban Guerrieri Josef Newgarden
Victor Carbone Gustavo Yacaman
Mikael Grenier Victor Garcia
Rusty Mitchell Victor Carbone
Mikael Grenier James Winslow
Esteban Guerrieri Conor Daly
Victor Garcia Gustavo Yacaman
Crash for Peter Dempsey Crash for Peter Dempsey
Mikael Grenier Victor Carbone
Victor Garcia Gustavo Yacaman
Jorge Goncalvez Victor Carbone
James Winslow Stefan Wilson
Esteban Guerrieri Peter Dempsey
Conor Daly Esteban Guerrieri
Stefan Wilson Conor Daly
Peter Dempsey Esteban Guerrieri
Conor Daly Peter Dempsey
Jorge Goncalvez Victor Garcia
Stefan Wilson Josef Newgarden