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Most recent INDYLIGHTS photos:

Kenn Hardley and Bobby Wilson Phil Giebler's helmet after 39 laps at Indy
Jonathan Klein's car returns to paddock Jay Howard, Sam Schmidt and friends
Matthew Hamilton
Tyce Carlson
Jay Howard and Sam Schmidt
Second place Jay Howard
Alex Lloyd
Tyce Carlson and Chris Festa Jaime Camara
Matthew Hamilton Jay Howard
Nick Bussell Phil Giebler
Brett Van Blankers Wade Cunningham
Tyce Carlson Sean Guthrie
James Chesson Tom Wood
Brett Van Blankers Mishael Abbott
Wade Cunningham retakes lead from Jay Howard Bobby Wilson
Jay Howard Phil Giebler
Matthew Hamilton Sean Guthrie
Phil Giebler receives drive-through penalty Chris Festa
Alex Lloyd Wade Cunningham
Sean Guthrie and James Chesson Phil Giebler passes Bobby Wilson before the start-finish line
Phil Giebler Mishael Abbott
Matthew Hamilton Phil Giebler
Phil Giebler
Sean Guthrie