Genoa Experiences the Highs and Lows of Racing

Everyone always says that in car racing the highs are really high and that the lows are really low. While we may disagree with the last bit, you can see what is meant when you look at today's timing sheets.

With Richard Philippe at the helm of Genoa's #36 Firestone Indy Lights car, Genoa scored its first P1 of the 2009 season in the pouring rain in practice today. Duncan Tappy (in the #63 car) and Richard were trading off P1 and P2 for most of the practice session. Late traffic seemed to catch Duncan out, and he fell to 6th with just a few minutes to go. They both raved about how much grip they had and how balanced the cars were in the soaked conditions. They both commented that they could drive the car anywhere they wished.

In qualifying, we failed to get Duncan the clear track he needed and he ended up in 5th place in his group. In group 2, Richard made a mistake and ended his out-lap in the tires in turn 8. Richard will have to start Saturday's race 1 from the back of the field.

Genoa's crew and drivers remain very upbeat, though. Richard hasn't put a wheel wrong since the first time he climbed into the car, back in November. During that time, he's logged a track record and three "fastest laps", so no one is even slightly worried about this one session. Saturday's race 1 should be very exciting as Duncan and Richard work their way to the front of the field.

Mark Olson states:

"Yeah, we've got some work to do Saturday afternoon. Both the guys are a little disappointed in themselves, but quite frankly I'm exceptionally proud of them. They both have a great perspective on things ... their smiles and their determination to rise above -- that's what it's all about. They're going to do really well in race 1, and they get a clean slate for the second qualifying and for race 2. I expect that race 1 will be an instant classic."