WEST ALLIS, WIS., (June 2, 2000) - Chris Meninga was fastest after two practice sessions in Indy Lights today, clocking a time of 24.033 seconds (154.587 mph) to edge out Scott Dixon by 0.020 seconds. Dixon’s best lap was 24.053 seconds (154.459 mph), while Jason Bright was third with a time of 24.068 seconds (154.363 mph).

Team KOOL Green’s Jonny Kane and Jeff Simmons struggled with the setup of their cars. Simmons turned a lap of 24.708 seconds (150.364 mph) to rank eighth, while Kane was 10th with a time of 24.805 seconds (149.776 mph).

JEFF SIMMONS, #26 Team KOOL Green Lola T97/20:
(8th with a lap-time of 24.708 seconds at 150.364 mph)

“We tried a drastically different setup and now I think we’re going to have a good think about which setup to run tomorrow. The KOOL car wasn’t bad this session in Turns 3 & 4, but I had a lot of understeer in Turns 1 & 2. This morning, it was the complete opposite with our original setup. We need to figure out something that’s going to work at both ends. Everyone is running a high-downforce setup now and there’s a lot of guys getting more mechanical grip than Jonny and me. I think we’re going to have to pull something together from both Jonny’s and my setup.”

JONNY KANE, #27 Team KOOL Green Lola T97/20:
(10th with a lap-time of 24.805 seconds at 149.776 mph)

“There’s something lacking mechanically in the car that doesn’t allow us to push it as deep into the corners as we’d like. The guys running laps in the low 24s are flat all the way around and I just can’t even attempt that at the moment.

“I’m a little lost as to what’s left for us to try. We tried a completely different setup on the KOOL car that last practice session and it was a lot worse. Everybody has gone to a high-downforce setup, which nobody tested in a couple of weeks ago. We were one of the quicker teams in the test without the high downforce, but we just tried it and it didn’t get us any closer to the top of the timesheets.”