Thiago Medeiros won his sixth Menards Infiniti Pro Series race of the season, leading all 67 laps from the pole position in the Texas 100 at Texas Motor Speedway. Medeiros' Sam Schmidt Motorsports teammate Travis Gregg finished second.

One third of the 15 car field was eliminated on a lap eight crash when Paul Dana spun in turn four, collecting Leonardo Maia, James Chesson, Ryan Hampton and Gary Peterson. "The car instantly snapped sideways," said Dana, after causing the pileup.

When Dana spun, Hampton had nowhere to go. "I was just going through turn three, Paul Dana spun out, and I just got collected. I tried to go as high as I could, and I just didn't quite clear it."

Maia dove to the inside and nearly missed Dana. As Dana's car slid towards the bottom of the track, the pair made contact, sending Maia into a spin. "I went on the inside of Dana," said Maia. "I kind of saw him spinning, because out of the corner of my eye, I just saw a nose, so I just assumed he spun. I tried to go a little bit low, but it just hit the back of my car, spun me around and into the wall. There was pretty much nothing I could do."

Peterson concurred, "It was just cars everywhere, and there was no place to go."

After the incident, James Chesson was taken to the HCA Infield Care Center, where X-rays to his left leg and right knee were negative. He was cleared to drive.

The race resumed after a lengthy cleanup with Medeiros at the point. Travis Gregg and Arie Luyendyk Jr. tucked in behind the young Brazilian but were unable to make a bid for the lead. Gregg made several attempts to pull alongside his teammate but opted to stay in his teammates draft.

With the top four cars pulling away from the pack, a questionable bit of debris appeared on the backstretch, causing a yellow with less than ten laps remaining. Race officials became suspicious when P. J. Chesson, one of the drivers who had lost the lead draft reported the debris. When it turned out the debris had come from Chesson's car, officials started an investigation, and determined that Chesson had caused the yellow.

Chesson was fined an undisclosed amount of money and was stripped of 25 championship points, dropping him from third to fourth in the championship standings.

On the restart, Arie Luyendyk, who held third place for the first 60 laps, was unable to hold off a hard charging Al Unser. "I think Thiago hit the limiter, and I think Travis hit the limiter and Arie had no choice but to get off the power," said Unser after finishing third. "I was all ready in the outside of him, and so my momentum just carried through."

Luyendyk finished fourth followed by P.J. Chesson, Jeff Simmons and Jon Herb in seventh. Luyendyk benefited from Chesson's 25-point penalty for causing a yellow, moving up one spot, finishing the season third in championship points.

Please see P.J. Chesson fined after Texas race