Travis Gregg earned his sixth Menards Infiniti Pro Series pole position during qualifying for Sunday's California 100. Sam Schmidt Motorsports drivers earned the top three qualifying positions, with Gregg's teammates Jamie Camara and Chris Festa starting second and third respectively.

"I was kind of nervous because I was third in line and there were a lot of fast cars going out after me," said Gregg. "I just had to wait until it was all over."

Despite a strong tailwind on the front straight and a headwind on the backstretch, Gregg decided to leave the car in one gear. "We picked the right gear and stuck with it, and it turned out that it was the right one."

Gregg's teammate downshifted on the backstretch and it ended up costing the young Brazilian some time. "I tried shifting, but it didn't work. That's the last time I'll try that," said Camara.

Chris Festa found two tenths of a second in qualifying and will start third. "We're very happy actually. That's the fastest we've gone all day. After this morning we had some issues with the car that we got worked out for qualifying."

This is the third time Sam Schmidt Motorsports has swept the top three qualifying positions.

Mary Roth is slated to start fourth followed by series points leader Wade Cunningham, and Nick Bussell in sixth.

In the final practice session late Saturday afternoon, Roth was involved in an accident when he was collected by Geoff Dodge's spinning car. Dodge had spun in the same spot twice earlier in the day without making any contact. In the last practice session, he did a half spin and collected Roth launching the Canadian driver into the air.

Jaime Camara was not involved in the incident, but debris from the accident caused damage to the front wing, the undertray and dented a lower wishbone on the left side. While none of the drivers were injured in the incident, Roth's crew will be working diligently to prepare the car for Sunday's race. Camara's car will be repaired for the race but Dodge's crew does not expect to be ready in time to make the start.

Bobby Wilson, who qualified eighth, was involved in a single car incident in the final practice and has yet to be cleared to drive. Wilson, who was complaining of pain in his right foot, will be evaluated on Sunday morning by IRL medical staff. While Wilson may be cleared to drive is car is still questionable for tomorrow's race.