JOLIET, Ill. -- Alex Lloyd began his final weekend in the Indy Pro Series with a strong start. He won his fifth pole of the season on Saturday evening.

Logan Gomez qualified fourth, Leilani Munter qualified 12th, and Ryan Justice qualified 17th.

All look to have strong races during the Sunday morning event -- except Justice.

He and his family decided it'd be in their best interests to step out of the car before Sunday's race.

Travis Gregg will fill-in driving the #38 LifeLock/Lucas Oil car.

Gregg has 21 previous Indy Pro Series. Of those, 18 were with Sam Schmidt Motorsports and featured three wins.

Aex Lloyd:

"I'm very happy with today. It's going to be a very close race. It's one of those races where no one is going to run away. It's going to be a big pack. I'm happy with the car we've got. It's like playing a chess game, and then hopefully put yourself in the right place. A little bit of luck is involved in winning a race like this, but it's going to be a great race. I'm sure we'll put on a great one for the fans." (About qualifying on the front row for every race where qualifying took place): "That's something that definitely means a lot to myself and the team. When you look at that, that's a pretty good record, especially when you look at all the different kind of tracks we race on. On every weekend, no matter what, we've been right there either the quickest or right there as second quickest. That really shows the performance we've had all year."

Logan Gomez:

"I'm pretty happy with how we qualified. I think that was one of our best qualifying performances all year. You always want to have more, but we went first, and that's all we had. It's nice to start up front with the fast guys, and because of that, I think we'll have a good race."

Driver Travis Gregg

"I couldn't be happier with this opportunity. Any time you get into a car when you're not supposed to is a plus. I was just thinking yesterday how it's no fun to be watching. I can't thank Sam Schmidt enough for this opportunity to get in the car."

Leilani Munter:

"I'm really disappointed with how we qualified. I know we could have been so much faster. I was flat out all he way around. I don't think there was anything else I could do. I can't spend too much time worrying about this qualifying though. I know that Sam Schmidt Motorsports will give me a rocket ship for the race. Hopefully I can charge through the field like I did in the last race and get a better result. I'm really confident in what the team will give me.

-credit: ssm