Rainy day in Belle Isle

Eric Mauk

Roger Penske his own self summed up the morning as he walked toward the paddock on a very wet morning on the island of Belle Isle.

"Wish we could do something about this rain," he lamented.

Overnight rains have not let up this morning in Detroit as practices are scheduled for the Grand-Am and IZOD Indy Car Series Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix, putting a severe damper on the first day of proceedings.

The track and pit lane have places with deep water throughout and the majority of the few Grand-Am cars that have gone out in this morning's first session look like they should be towing water skiers instead of chasing trophies.

Rains are scheduled to last much of the day and it will be interesting to see if there is much running that takes place, given the fact that the remainder of the weekend is slated to be dry.

Motorsport.com is on site and will provide you with updates as the day progresses.

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