Graham Rahal, No. 02 McDonald's Dallara/Honda/Firestone: "It's frustrating because the McDonald's team had a good weekend going and I just wanted to have just a normal race with no mistakes and if we did that I knew we would have a good result. I just couldn't do it. I hit the brakes and they instantly locked so before I even turned into the corner I was trying to figure out how to save it and just couldn't. The rear brakes just locked up and it happened instantly and I don't know exactly why it happened. It hadn't happened any other time going into that section but one lap out of 85 is enough though unfortunately. The whole time I thought I was being conservative and wasn't making any mistakes and that's what I was hoping for. I wanted a top-five finish here. I don't think we had a car that could win but I will say that we were close; the McDonald's car felt really good. It's a frustrating result for the McDonald's team because the car was quick all day. I got by Dario and that was good and then I thought I was going to have something for (third place) Briscoe but we didn't quite have enough for him. Later I had a shot at passing PT (Tracy) but I made the mistake of pushing Push to Pass too early so I couldn't use it down the back straight because you can't use it for 10 seconds after each time. I got up to fourth in the race but then made a mistake. It's a frustrating result."

Oriol Servia, No. 06 Dallara/Honda/Firestone: "In a way you hope for some luck or a crazy race when you start 14th but the truth is it was a pretty straightforward race. It was really hard to overtake and when you start 14th you have your work cut out for you. I hope they increase the Push to Pass to 25 horsepower from five. We got by two or three cars at the start and we passed people on restarts but then once everybody had their pace it was difficult to pass. I thought we had a car that was faster than whoever I had around me the whole race but it was just not enough to overtake. We were trying to save fuel a trying not to make mistake and see if other people would make them. It was my first race after a few months so I'm sure I will be sore tomorrow."

-credit: nhlr