No. 77 Bowers and Wilkins FAZZT Race Team News and Notes

* Tagliani is currently in 14th place in the points standings with 72 points

* This will be Tagliani's first event at Kansas Speedway.

Alex Tagliani on the Road Runner Turbo Indy 300:

"Well, even though I'm very nervous coming into the oval section of the season I still feel a bit of confidence because we had a really good pre-season test on the oval at Homestead. And I think it's going to be just like when we showed up at Brazil. Even though we had tested on the road courses, we didn't know when we got to the track where we would fall in with the competition and we were very, very nervous. But we showed up there and bang! Front row qualifying. So the hard part in the ovals will be not knowing where we are against the competition but we will show up and see where we stand. But I know that the entire FAZZT Race Team has been doing work behind the scenes to get ready for the ovals so I think we will be in good shape. One of the hard parts for me is that I don't know this track at all. So things will move fast this weekend with practice, qualifying and the race in two days. But I have confidence in my team and know that we have done our homework for the ovals and like all tests, I can't wait."

-source: fazzt