Rick Treadway: "How can I describe one of the happiest days of my life to you, except for WOW! I passed my rookie test Tuesday, December 5th, and am now certified to drive in the most exciting racing league out there, the IRL and the Indy 500! Don't wake me up if I'm dreaming!!

"We practiced in Las Vegas last week in the 1999 G-Force car and ran a 202.8 consistently in the morning session. Because there are a lot of variables affecting the car's speed; track conditions, equipment, and weather, the crew was happy with what I had done so far. We came in and changed the gearbox before the afternoon session, and with only a couple of laps in, a part in the gearbox broke and ended our practice early. I had hoped to get a few more laps in before heading to Texas for the actual rookie test.

I was a bit anxious to get it over. I hate tests! Johnny Rutherford, a 3 time Indy 500 Champion, was standing there with a pad of paper, ready to grade me. The test consists of 10 laps run consistently at speeds of 190-195, 195-200, 200-205 and then 10 laps above 205+. They measure how smooth your throttle stays during these laps.

"The weather was horrible. It felt like it was ready to snow. I started the first phase of the test and got bumped around a lot in the car, plus my visor was fogging up so much I could hardly see where to go. I was really struggling. Then, I pulled in the pits, and the awesome Treadway Racing crew fixed my helmet. I took a deep breath and got settled in. Nearly 211 mph... consistently. We did it.

"You will see me at the races, helmet in hand, mentally and physically ready to race. As you know, this license legally lets me drive, but I need sponsorship to help this dream come true."


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