June 7, 1997 - Texas Motor Speedway

It is now about 4 hours before the start of the TrueValue 500, and Johnny and the Jonathan Byrd/Cunningham Racing team is ready to race.

At the end of the practice session yesterday, the Infiniti motor in the #10 car broke a valve-spring, leading to the necessity for an engine change last night. The crew did an excellent job, and Johnny took the car out on the track earlier today for a systems test and shakedown. Everything looks good, and the team is hoping that the new motor will bring them a little extra horsepower for the race. Johnny says that the car feels great and handles really well on the high banks, and he is looking forward to the run tonight. "It's a great track, the car is handling well, and I'm privileged to be driving for this team", he said earlier. "I was a little behind on the learning curve, but the car is great and I think we have a good chance of being there at the end."

We'll update you throughout the race if necessary, and have a full recap after the checkered flag falls.

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