Team Cheever Red Bull Infiniti effort earns Boomtown 500 front row.

Tomas Scheckter nailed down the pole for Saturday's Boomtown 500 with a 220.146 mph lap, while his boss/teammate Eddie Cheever Jr. will join him on the front row via a speed of 219.065 mph. Cheever was quick to point out the confidence his team has in Firestone tires, saying "I haven't had one problem with my tires in the last year and a half I've been with Firestone, which is the perfect tire to have. They're never an issue, and they won't be an issue here either."

Quote from Al Speyer, Firestone Racing Executive Director: "We congratulate Tomas and Eddie for the great job tonight. When we came to this track the first time six years ago, we didn't see it as just another place to race; we saw it as a place that would provide tremendous opportunities for us to demonstrate the quality of Firestone tires. The banking and smooth surface guarantee high speeds and plenty of g-force loading, so you have to be right on the mark with your tire constructions and compounds. Based on what we saw in today's practice and qualifying sessions, it appears the Firehawks are well suited for this weekend's competition. Grip was strong regardless of track temperature and wear rates were well with what we expected to see on the first day. And again the consistency of the Firehawks from set to set, lap after lap, contributed to the teams' efforts to find the ideal set-up for their cars and drivers. We believe the fans are going to see another barnburner here at TMS, with lots of tire-to-tire racing and plenty of great action. We're proud to be a part of it."

Quote from Al Unser Jr. (3rd place qualifier) Dallara/Chevrolet/Firestone: "The tires worked great; they've been right there. We're real happy with them and we think they're going to last a long time."

Practice sessions temperatures ranged from 93 to 112 degrees track, and from 88 to 90 degrees ambient (F).

Qualifying session temperatures ranged from 84 to 86 degrees track and from 81 to 84 degrees ambient (F).