Thursday Notes: January Open Test Dates

Two-Time Indy 200 winner, Eddie Cheever, Jr. was joined by his younger brother, Ross Cheever during today's second Indy Racing League Open Test day. Having run 225 laps yesterday, the two Cheevers ran the #51 Team Cheever Dallara (99)/Firestone/Infiniti for an additional 171 laps today.

Eddie Cheever, Jr.

"We have done 396 miles on this engine. This is now the second engine we have run over 250 miles with no problems. I am anxiously waiting the next version of this engine as it seems that we have the reliability back where we need it and now, we can refocus on power issues. At the end of the last test, I thought the old car (the 99 Dallara) would be competitive. Now we must reassess our plan and will be anxiously watching Buddy Lazier's performance in the Riley & Scott over the next two days."

Ross Cheever

"Obviously, my focus is on getting as many miles in the car as possible. Having raced in sports cars most my life, I am still getting acclimated to these speeds. Owen, Dane and Eddie are making my entry very easy. They have an incredible ability to communicate everything to expect before I get there. It is the difference between going through a tunnel with lights or without! To be a competitive driver, it takes more than your own ability and confidence. It is also who you have behind you. It makes my job very easy when I am surrounded by professionals like these guys."

Top Ten For The Day 1. McGehee 21.559 166.584 2. Sharp-T 21.602 166.651 3. Gregoire 21.673 166.105 4. Beechler 21.692 165.960 5. Unser, Jr. 21.821 164.979 6. Dismore 21.822 164.971 7. Cheever, Jr. 22.038 163.354 8. Schmidt 22.220 162.016 9. Cheever 22.231 161.936 10. Hornish 22.362 160.987