David Reininger - Motorsport News International

Lake Buena Vista, FL (January 22, 1999) - Scott Sharp set the fastest lap of the day at Walt Disney World Speedway in preparation for Sunday's TansWorld Diversified Services Indy 200. Sharp, who missed the morning session with mechanical problems, turned in a lap at 170.132 mph just two minutes before the checkered flag fell ending practice for the day.

Even though Sharp only managed four laps in this morning's session, the team was quickly back in form. "It was like starting over again for us this afternoon," said Sharp. "Our time was real similar to the time we posted when we tested here. That's what we aimed to do, come back and have the car feel the same and run the same pace."

Several drivers, including Sharp, complained about the gusts of wind blowing across the track, a factor that wasn't as prevelant during the open test. "The wind changes at this track a lot," Sharp said. "Almost everyday that we tested here it changed its angle. That changes how the car handles. I imagine tomorrow it'll be a whole new ballgame because you'll have to, once again, dial the car into whatever corner the wind seems to be upsetting it the most."

Tom Kelley has to be satisfied with the performance of his team today as Sharp's Kelley Racing teammate, Mark Dismore, set the second fastest lap of the day. Dismore's lap at 168.587 mph was also the fastest lap of this morning's practice session. Dismore was pleased with his time but felt there was more left in the car. "We're just trying to be conservative on the practice runs," said Dismore. "If we have a good qualifying round, we'll be happy. The car seems consistent, and we're here to race."