IndyCar Series
Firestone Indy 400
Michigan International Speedway - Brooklyn, Mich.
August 4-5, 2007 - Round 13 of 17

Race Distance: 400 miles/643.738 km (200 laps on the 2-mile/3.219-km superspeedway).

Television Broadcast: Live - Sunday, August 5, at noon EDT on ESPN2.

Firestone Firehawk) Race Tires Supplied:

* 780 dry-condition slicks; each car receives nine sets (36 tires) for the race weekend.

* Tire stagger for this weekend is set at approximately 0.39 of an inch. Stagger, which helps Indy cars turn more smoothly on oval tracks, is created by producing the right-rear tire with a slightly larger diameter than the left rear.

The Firehawk tires for Michigan come from Firestone's superspeedway stock, developed to stand up to the constant high speeds and loading placed on the tires. This weekend's tire specification features the identical carcass construction as the 2006 MIS tire, paired with a new compound formula for all four tire positions that's designed to provide similar grip and performance as a year ago.

From Al Speyer, Executive Director, Firestone Racing: "It's time to kick it in for the IndyCar Series stretch run. We have five races over the next six weeks on tracks that span nearly the entire range - a traditional superspeedway this weekend, with an undulating permanent road course and tricky temporary street circuit sandwiched by a pair of high-banked intermediate ovals after that. Firestone is ready for each challenge, beginning with one of our favorite stops - Michigan International Speedway. MIS is where Firestone achieved the memorable first win of our current racing era, back in 1995. Firestone has won every MIS open-wheel race since, a notable achievement when you consider the extreme demands placed on race tires at this superspeedway, not to mention the uncertainty inherent in racing in general. We're proud of that record and eager to add another victory to the ledger with a new Firehawk tire spec at this year's Firestone Indy 400. We've also enjoyed the added exposure that Firestone receives from being title sponsor here in recent years."

Firestone Performance Award: This $10,000 prize commemorates Firestone's status as the only tire manufacturer to have participated in every IndyCar Series race, and is given to the driver leading the lap number corresponding to the cumulative number of races in series history. The Firestone Indy 400 is the 147th event, so the leader of lap 147 will claim the prize.

-credit: firestone