Tony Kanaan on the SunTrust Indy Challenge:

"Kansas Speedway always seems to produce exciting racing. Team 7-Eleven won a close race there last season and it would be nice to follow it up again. You know when you race at Kansas that you will have to deal with the heat. If you are in good shape it doesn't really bother you physically, but it does cause the car to lose grip and you have to be smart when you try to compensate for it with your car setup."

Eric Cowdin, Race Engineer, #11 Team 7-Eleven Dallara/Honda/Firestone, on the SunTrust Indy Challenge:

"Our focus at Kansas is on making the Team 7-Eleven car as quick as possible with an eye on the race itself. Making a car work at Kansas is challenging because you are balancing the mechanical grip level and the support for the aerodynamic platform. During the race this is important because the car needs to be quick when running alone yet also able to run in traffic. Kansas produces some of the closest finishes of any track on the schedule so we are looking to put the Team 7-Eleven car in the right spot for that last-lap shootout."